Xan Sinclair Koonce

“I want my art to be a force for all that is positive, inspiring and beautiful.”

“The desire to understand spirituality and its transformational power motivates my work. My objective is to magnify nature beyond its literal meaning to explore the relationship between nature and spirituality.”

Xan Sinclair Koonce was born and raised in West Texas where the only vivid color that permeated the bleak landscape was the endless blue sky. Today, she resides in Georgetown, Texas, where she has grown to appreciate the color and beauty that Central Texas reveals.

Xan is an artist who embodies the synthesis of abstract expressionism with the palette of Matisse. It is precisely this fusion of spontaneity and color that has produced a rich and expressive body of work.  Her interest is taking the beauty she sees and abstracting it to gain greater insight.  Once inspired, she unapologetically applies seductive and radiant colors.  She combines the random actions of painting with controlled, deliberated mark-making in an effort to describe each form, oftentimes appearing like floral or plantlike structures.

By exploring the relationship between nature, humankind, and spirituality allows her to further identify the commonalities.  The desire to look beyond the literal within her surroundings and to further understand this relationship and its transformational power drives her work.  She believes that we live in a world where we are encompassed by constant negativity that is oftentimes exhibited through the media, social settings, etc.  Furthermore, she is convinced one entertains these negative thoughts oftentimes unaware.  Therefore, her primary interest is to convey an aesthetic experience through pure qualities of color, line, texture and composition and for her art to be a force for all that is positive, inspiring and beautiful.